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Thelonious Monk

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There is an annual Christmas Show in the recital room in Pianos Plus in Dublin 12. Students get to perform on a beautiful baby grand piano in front of their friends and family. Students are free to perform any piece of music they wish. Often those who are preparing for piano exams take this as an opportunity to practise performing their exam pieces. Although the show is largely based around piano performances, students often sing or play other instruments to show case their talents. The show is not compulsory and is at the student’s discretion.


Royal Irish Academy Of Music

Exams are done through the Royal Irish Academy of Music. They are not compulsory, however most students find they benefit from the structure and practise that comes with preparing for an exam. I currently prepare students who are studying any grade from elementary to grade eight. I have a 100% pass rate and I help over twenty students a year prepare for their grades.

For those who do not wish to sit piano exams, lessons are still structured in a way so that the student can feel they are making progress through the grades without sitting a final year exam. I also help prepare Junior and Leaving Certificate music students prepare for their practical exams.