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Sarah Cashin

Hi I'm Sarah and I have been teaching piano for nearly twenty years. I began learning piano aged twelve and I sat my exams with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. In 2003 I set up a small business called Mini Stars which included a stage school summer camp, hip hop dance classes and private piano lessons. After also working as a Montessori teacher for a few years, I decided to devote my time to teaching piano. I currently teach up to forty students a week.

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As a piano teacher, I aim to create a comfortable, non-competitive and enjoyable environment in which my students can learn at their own pace. Many people ask me what age a student can begin. Usually six is the youngest but after that there is no limit, so adult students are especially welcome. Remember, it is never too late to start! From my different lines of work I have gained a lot of experience working with children and I believe that every child, regardless of ability should have the opportunity to learn any skill they wish and have fun along the way.